Introducing the personal branding photography course

Personal Branding Breakthrough


Become a successful sought-after personal branding photographer.

This "get it done" course gives you a concrete plan for building a successful business in personal branding photography that magnetizes a steady flow of dream clients so you can focus on what you love most, your craft.


You already know that being a photographer is your life’s work.  

You just have one wish. You want a calendar full of dream clients that are pumped to work with you.

    Before we get into all the specifics of this personal branding photography course, let's talk about who this is really for....


    You're a photographer that's poured your heart and soul into your craft. You're tired of feeling like you're just on the verge of making it all work but chasing the dream means you're always chasing new clients.

    You're ready to relax knowing you've got a full calendar and a full bank account because of a powerful business in personal branding that lets you focus on what you do best, photography.

    whether you're:

    • An established photographer wanting to add a personal branding photography business to your toolbelt, but you already struggle to get clients and COVID certainly hasn't helped.
    • New to the portrait game or just ready to turn your side gig into a full-time gig.
    • Or you're already shooting personal branding images but want to learn how to simplify your process and fill your calendar.
    • You already rock at taking pictures, but you worry that you're not going to be able to make it all work because the right people aren't finding you.

    You're in the right place.

    I'm going to show you how this personal branding photography course will give you the strategies, tools, and templates for building and running a personal brand photography business you love. 

    By the end of Personal Branding Breakthrough,

    you will have:

    The confidence to communicate the value of personal branding photography

    With a deep understanding of the niche so that you can charge the prices you deserve

    A solid step-by-step workflow and communication system

    all set up to make sure your clients have a stellar experience with you from the moment they reach out.

    Your own magnetic personal brand and business

     that feels completely authentic, even if you don’t feel comfortable putting yourself out there.

    A simplified strategy for planning and shooting

     I show you step by step by step how to plan every single detail of your clients photoshoot.

    A zero effort content stategy in place 

    That has all those dreamy clients excited to reach out to you. 

    A high converting website in place

    designed to lead your clients right past their objections and straight to your inbox.

    But most importantly...

     I'll teach you to stand out in this new niche, and get the clients you love on your calendar, so you can increase your profits, time, and freedom to enjoy your passion without stress or overwhelm.

    Maybe you’ve taken courses before, or you’ve invested in trainings..but here’s the thing…


    Very few photography courses teach you how to actually build a profitable business in a niche with very little competition.

    They may have taught you how to take a pretty picture, but they didn’t teach you how to market yourself and fill your calendar with dream clients.

    Without the right tools, you can’t run a successful business no matter what you've learned to do with your camera.

    As a photographer, you've already heard that...

    The personal branding niche is full of excited entrepreneurs ready to invest in images to help their businesses grow, but the number of photographers that really know how to deliver what they need is extremely small. 

    In my first year as a branding photographer, I was getting inquiries from across the United States, Dubai, Australia, etc from business owners that couldn't find a local photographer they resonated with.

    That means you have a huge opportunity to be the only photographer around doing it right and connecting with entrepreneurs that need you.

    That's why I've taken everything I've learned

     From 19 years in the industry and my six-figure personal brand photography business to show you a step-by-step process that's easy to follow, quick to implement, and based around what really works.

    I'll share ALL of the secrets that turned my photography business into something I used to only dream of having. I know that without a guide, you'll likely be learning through trial and error.

    I want to help you avoid the same mistakes, avoid the time it would take to figure it all out on your own. 

    This personal branding photography course has everything you need to start thriving in this business.

    Hi there, I'm Jess!


    As a new photographer, I was that hardcore hustler working day in and day out to make this job a reality. I’d shoot anything and everything from weddings to architecture even when I knew I wasn’t getting paid enough. I felt like I was on a hamster wheel of always searching for work and always stressed that I was going to have to give up my aspirations because I couldn’t even make enough money to pay my bills.

    I knew I had to make a change. 

    I dove into personal branding photography and created a business model that led the people I wanted to work with, straight to me. I created my own personal brand that felt like a magnet, and I had to start a waitlist just to keep up with demand. I was working with people I absolutely loved, and the first year with my new system I made my first six figures. Even during quarantine, while wedding and family photographers were losing work left and right, my waitlist continued to grow faster than ever.

    The best part, I had more time and more freedom.

    More time to get creative. More time with my family.  More time getting to travel and take vacations.

    Honestly, designing a business around personal branding photography was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It gave me the space I needed to live my life's work.

    Now, I want to bring my time-tested business model to you. It's my heartfelt desire to help passionate photographers to skip all the years it took me to finally run a successful business.



    Imagine what it would feel like...

    ...when you have your personal branding photography business set up, Imagine waking up excited every morning because you get to use your gift to help people achieve their dreams.

    • You’ve got a calendar full of dream clients.  You aren’t finding them, they are finding you. 
    • You have a business that gives you the freedom to focus on your art and your talent rather than just emails and social media.
    • You feel confident charging the prices that you’re worth because you understand its value.
    • You have the validation that you can do this. That this calling of yours can have the impact you dreamed for yourself, for your family, and for others.

    This could be your life.

    In addition to the training

    you'll also get:

    A Pricing Calculator

    To help you create your pricing and packaging using real numbers and projections.

    The Launch Kit

    When you're ready to get more people in the door, we have you covered with this launch kit.

    Instagram Swipe Files

    Don't know what to write about on Instagram or social media to get traction, this will help.

    The Discovery Questionnaire

    Start your planning process off right with these quesions that will help you deep dive into what your client needs.

    Templates, Guides, Cheat Sheets

    So many things!  We packed this course full of all the resources you'll need in this niche.

    The Email Templates

    Plug and play email templates designed to strategically move your client from inquiry to booking.

      When you enroll during this special, limited time,

      you’ll get:


      Personal Branding Breakthrough


      • 4 Comprehensive Modules

        I created each module to build on each other as you implement what you've learned so that by the end of the 30 days, you'll be ready to go!

      • 26 Lessons 

        Packed full of information that will set you up for success.
      • Lifetime Access

        You'll have immediate lifetime access through any changes or updates to the course.
      • Downloadable Video, Audio, and PDF Transcripts

        So that you can learn in the way that's best for you.
      • Workbooks, Checklists, Templates and Swipe Files

        I've designed these tools to help set up your business in the most efficient way possible.
      • Access to Education from 19 years of photography experience, and a six-figure business.

        I've been photographing for 19 years and I've learned a thing or two about what works best in business and behind the camera.

      Plus These Bonuses to Help You Take Your Business a Step Further


      Bonus 1

      The High Ticket Phone Call Script for Photographers

      Get the exact script that I use to quote thousands of dollars on the phone with my clients, and still get booked out.

      (A $297 Value)

      What You’ll Get:

      This script shows you how to quote those higher prices and lead with value instead of competing on pricing.

      • A full phone call script
      • Tips and tricks that will help you get to the heart of what your client values and align your serves with their needs.


      Bonus 2 

      The Personal Brand Photography Contract

      To be a personal branding photographer, you have to have a contract with every client. Your clients expect you to give a commericial release and they will want it in writing.

      (A $997 Value)

      What You’ll Get:

      This contract was created with a local lawyer and grants a commercial release to allow clients to use their images for business.

      • A sample contract
      • Advice for having your local lawyer check over your contract for local laws.


      Bonus 3 

      The Behind the Scenes SEO Training Guide

      Get a breakdown of how I went from being completely off the radar to first in the United States on Google for 'Personal Branding Photography' with my SEO strategy.

      (A $997 Value)

      What You’ll Get:

      This is the only guide of its kind and I'm holding nothing back.  This guide will simplify your ongoing SEO strategy and get you set up to skyrocket your rankings.  You don't need SEO to be successful in your business but it sure does help to be the one that people go to when they start searching online for a photographer

      • A downloadable SEO checklist
      • A candid walkthrough of the steps I took to start showing up on the first page of Google
      • A thorough explanation of everything you need to know to start showing up at the top!


        14-Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee


        Look, deep down in my heart, I believe that this personal branding photography course has the power to change your life. I believe that the outcome is well worth the cost of investment.

        I created this course to help you grow and thrive. That’s why I’m excited to invite you to join Personal Branding Breakthrough for 14 days, completely commitment-free

        If you get through the first 14-days of this course and feel like it wasn’t helpful or didn’t meet your expectations, I will happily give you a full refund. 

        I believe in the power of building a better future for you and don’t want the fear of this not being right for you to hold you back. So, try it out, and contact me if it’s just not what you expected through an email and I will issue a full refund.

        So, What's In Personal Branding Photography Breakthrough?

        Module 1

        Build The Business


        We dive straight into the personal branding niche by getting crystal clear on what businesses really want and need from you.  You’ll be able to communicate the value of the work you create to anyone who will listen and feel confident explaining exactly what it is that you do.

        Next up is marketing and if that word, yes, marketing made you cringe a little, then this one is definitely for you.  You'll learn the five most important marketing principles. (Spoiler alert: using these with your photography may feel like pouring rocket fuel on your content strategies!)

        Hate emailing? Yeah, me too! That’s why I’ve streamlined the process from start to finish with done-for-you, copy-paste email templates all designed with your client experience in mind, so you’re not reinventing the wheel each time you take a new client or open your inbox.

        If coming up with pricing for your photography has ever felt a bit like pulling numbers out of a hat (or checking out what other photographers are charging), you’re going to love this one. I'll show you how to come up with it and present it in such a way so as not only will people buy, but they won't be able to resist.

        This module wraps up with a lesson all about you my friend.  Yes, you. It can be pretty intimidating to put yourself out there as your own personal brand but I'll show you the exact steps to take with my magnetic personal brand planner that will guide you through this process of being proudly authentically you, while still cultivating a professional image.

        Module 2


        Planning a unique and authentic photoshoot sets the stage for the images you're being paid to create. This module simplifies your process for planning with an easy-to-follow strategy so that everything runs smoothly on shoot day!

        You’ll learn to find out exactly what your clients want from you, even when they have no idea what to ask you for (which is often the case). Using a questionnaire and planning prompts.

        You’ll save yourself from over or under planning with the Four Key Looks method and shot list where you’ll be able to find the perfect locations, give guidance on wardrobes and suggest the best props.

        There is an entire lesson on finding locations, shooting the best lighting, what to wear, and what to bring to the photoshoot both with props and gear.

        Get ready to set the perfect stage.

        Module 3


        This is what we’re all here for! This is where you’ll be able to pair your style with the stage you’ve set.

        No more early morning jitters before your sessions. I’m showing you exactly how to prepare, what to pack, and how to get that last-minute inspiration on your side.

        From lighting, cropping in, capturing variety to getting real and authentic poses from even the most nervous clients.  This module has it all.

        Once the shooting day is done, you’ll be able to cull, retouch and export your sessions knowing you’re giving your clients everything they need (so you can finally say goodbye to the back and forths once you’ve delivered everything.

        I also show my you how to do an easy In-Person-Sales session using Lightroom if you choose to do In-Person-Sales. You don't have to do this to get results from this course, but if you choose to do it this way, I've got you covered.

        Module 4

        Getting Clients

        Leading right off of the first module we’ll be focusing on filling up your calendar with those, “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this is my job” kinda clients.

        We’ll take your brand new magnetic personal brand and start updating your online presence in a way that pulls people straight to the next step in your funnel, your website.

        I’ll walk you through exactly what needs to be on your website to show that you’re the boss, and help move your clients right past their objections and straight into your inbox, where you'll already have a workflow in place to move them through (thank you Module 1.)

        Step away from the computer and get off that hamster wheel of creating new content for social. It’s my goal to get you back behind the lens, so this module has a very special zero-effort content strategy that will give you everything you need for blog posts, social media posts, and testimonials.  This one piece of the course will save you hours and hours of your life, and you’ll still end up with amazing content on social media and your website.

        At this point, your system is in place all ready for you to hit the ground running. We will also be putting a launch (or relaunch) plan in motion using my launch swipe files for inspiration.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What people asked before signing up for Personal Branding Breakthrough

        Still on the fence?


        This personal branding photography course is PERFECT for you if… 

        • You already love photography you just need guidance on running a business so you can do your creative work. 


        • You’ve tried weddings, families, senior portraits, headshots and feel like none of them have brought you the business or money you need.


        • You're an action taker and love knowing that work you put in will pay off for you.


        • After years of shooting you feel like you should be further along but you feel like you haven’t made the great strides towards making it your career.


        • You want to feel confident and be an authority in your field so that you can charge what you're worth, with the people you want to impact.

        I can’t wait for you to join Personal Branding Breakthrough!


        Listen friend, I know you’re here for a reason.  There’s something bigger you’ve been dreaming of.  You know you can do more with your skills and talent.  You can go further, you can impact people’s lives with your art.

        It’s my calling in life to help people realize and achieve their dreams.  There’s nothing that makes me happier than watching that fire ignite in someone as they take off towards the vision they’ve been holding back on.

        I’m so excited that you’re here and can’t wait to see what your future has in store when you can finally move from surviving in this industry to thriving.

        Personal branding photography has changed my life. That’s why I created this course to serve as your launchpad.  I went from stressed out, overworked, and spending all my extra time in front of my computer trying to find clients instead of spending time with my kids, to booked out with a waitlist, working less than ever before making six figures, and spending more time with my little ones.

        You already have the talent you need to succeed in this niche, and this risk-free course will give you the rest of the missing pieces to turn your talent into a thriving business.

        I want you to know what it feels like to have financial freedom, more time to create, and the ability to leave an impact with your imagery.

        So if you’ve got those big dreams for yourself, your business, your family, and your bank account this course is for you.

        I cannot wait to see you inside the course!

        All my best,

        Jess Kornacki